New Release Announcement: Clubware 4.7

Introducing the latest release of Clubware Core 4.7 and Mobile App version 4.2! These versions introduce Class Waitlist for Clubware Core and Clubware Mobile App among many other changes.

Designed by health and fitness experts for gym, fitness club and enterprise owners, Clubware’s last release showcased an impressive suite of new and improved features around members, reporting, access control, administration and the latest web API version. As an all-in-one gym management software solution, Clubware has announced the release of version 4.7 that is now available for clients wanting to take their business to the next level and enhance members’ experience! 

Introducing Class Waitlist

For an online class that is fully booked out, Clubware 4.7 allows businesses to have more chances of running full classes when members cancel their bookings. This feature enables you to set up a waitlist gives members more chances of getting in on their favourite classes! When a spot becomes available, the first member in the waitlist will be automatically added as an attendee in the class. 

The release of Clubware Mobile App 4.2 also supports this new feature, allowing users to add themselves to a waitlist if the class is full (as long as they have appropriate membership to book the class). The user can also view upcoming and past waitlisted class sessions in Bookings and remove themselves from the waitlist as long as the class is in the future and supports cancellations.

Dynamic OS Dark Mode Support

Updating your Mobile App to 4.2 will also allow users to switch to dark mode when the user enables the dark mode in system settings of the mobile device. This helps to improve battery life and reduce strain on eyes in a dim environment.

Member Website – Real-time Service

There is now a new way to synchronise information to and from the Member Website using a real-time sync that will typically push and pull information within seconds!


Announcing Integration with Mywellness (Technogym)

One way integration with Mywellness (Technogym) is now supported. Once you enable Mywellness from branch settings, the following information and any updates will be synced to Mywellness:

  • Members (excluding Prospects and deleted Members)
  • Member’s current account
  • Member’s last visit

Clubware Mobile App 4.2 integration with Apple Health and Google Fit

Clubware’s robust mobile App now integrates with a user’s Apple Health or Google Fit account! If the user records health stats when attending classes via wearable devices such as Apple Watch and Mi Watch (that sync with Google Fit), the user can see their health stats against booked classes in the mobile app.

For iOS users, the app requests permission from Apple Health upon a successful login/launch of mobile app version 4.2. For Android users, the app requests the user to sign in to Google Fit on the Timetable and Activity screen. The user can turn off the connection to Google Fit later in Settings if required.

If the user has provided permission to health stats, the app will display the following health stats against the Timetable / Bookings session listing:

  • Energy (calories burned)
  • Steps

If the user has provided permission to health stats, the app will display the following health stats against the class details screen (from Timetable or Bookings):

  • Energy (calories burned)
  • Steps
  • Average heart rate
  • Heart rate range

If the user has provided permission to health stats, the Activity screen also displays your Energy and Steps for each day from the 1st day of last month in a vertical bar graph format. 

This feature allows the users to analyse and compare health stats for each day (and class workout) and see how gym visits and workouts affect overall progress towards his/her fitness goals. 


External Links

As an optional feature, clients can set up URLs (links) to display in the mobile app as external links. This allows clients to display links to recommended sites or partnered apps for their users. If no links are set up for the organisation, the external links option will be hidden on the mobile app.


View Feature Overview

For new installations of the mobile app, users will be displayed with the “Feature Overview” popup screens the first time that they log into the app. These would provide a quick introduction of the standard features in the app.


For further information regarding Clubware, please contact the Clubware Support Team on:

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