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The most common report request we receive is for details on members and their accounts. Running such reports give clubs a clear picture of who their members are – important information for client management and retention.

By using the Member Listing report you can find out helpful details about who your members are and what might appeal to them.

This report can be found in the Navigation panel on the left side of Clubware. If you have trouble finding it, you can use the Search box at the top.

When you first run the report, you will be prompted with the Report Filter screen asking what details you would like the report to contain. The Member Listing contains all fields from the member and account profile, allowing you to filter on any member, contact information, account and visit field.

Here are some popular examples. Simply add the following row one at a time and click OK for the report to show the results.

Birthdays coming up

All active or on hold members

List of types of Members

Missing in action (last visit by member more than so many days)

Accounts that are overdue

Expiring members who need to be follow up on

Also, don’t forget to save your filter with the Save As button for using next time.

In addition, you can export this report (as Excel Raw Data) to get even more details like, mobile, email or total visits.

A key benefit of this report is you are in control of what data you choose and can therefore fully customise the report to suit what you need. It’s all about making your business easier!

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