Four Simple Steps to Back up your Data

Having a backup copy of your business information saved elsewhere can really save the day if anything goes badly wrong with your computer.

Data can be lost unexpectedly for a number of reasons including virus attack, hard drive malfunction, physical damage, theft and natural disaster.

If you value what’s kept on your computer, then it’s wise to take steps to protect your data from sudden loss.

When it comes to fitness centre management software, Clubware version 3.1 or higher is programmed to back up on a scheduled basis. It’s reassuring to know there’s some level of backup going on behind the scenes; regardless, it’s important to know how to manually run this process.

Here are four easy steps you need to safeguard your data:

Step 1

Select Database | Backup Database from the main menu as shown below

Note: The cursor changes to an hourglass while the database is backed up.

A confirmation message displays when the process is complete.

Step 2

Click Close.

You’ve now completed the steps required to back up the database within Clubware.

Step 3

Your database backup is normally stored on the main computer/server, C:\ClubwareData\Backup directory.

Step 4

Click on the Backup folder, then copy the clubwarebackup.dat file onto an external storage device and take offsite daily.

It’s like exercising, we know we should – but often don’t! However, with these four simple steps we’ve made it easy and following these will save you a lot of time, frustration – and ultimately your data!

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