Troubleshooting: members appearing as ‘overdue’

Reasons your member may be appear ‘Overdue’ when they’re not!

Our Clubware team often gets asked this important question by clients:

“This member is not overdue according to our billing provider, so why is s/he overdue in Clubware?”

Most of the time, the account is overdue in Clubware for the following reasons:

  • The member is in Unmatched Members, waiting to be matched off,
  • Staff created a new account or created a new member during the unmatched members’ process for an existing member,
  • There is an extra invoice been added in Clubware,
  • There is a missing payment in Clubware,
  • Incorrectly renewed an account.

Looking at our support tickets for the last six months, close to one third are related to overdue accounts. Approximately 50% of these are due to staff incorrectly matching off the member in Unmatched Members.

To assist, we’ve created a checklist to help end users to troubleshoot some simple overdue issues:

  • Check Unmatched Member records – it’s good practise to keep on top of Unmatched Members,
  • Check the member’s account to see if there’s an extra invoice,
  • Check if the member’s account has the correct billing reference number,
  • Check if all the recent payments are in the member’s account.

In addition, if you need assistance with Unmatched Members and how to correctly renew an account, please contact us on 1800 114 777 for Australia, and 09 481 0490 for New Zealand.

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