Clubware hosts a suite of features designed by your industry, for your industry. This includes: membership management, integrated billing, custom reporting, and an all-new customizable consumer mobile app.

Membership Management

Focus on Your Clients

This user-friendly system helps you deliver an outstanding club membership management experience to your customers and makes it easier to run a profitable business.

Spend less time on repetitive administration duties and more time focusing on the most important aspect of your business – your clients.

Integrated Billing

Seamlessly Manage Member Payments

Make it easy for your members to join and renew. Clubware seamlessly integrates with your payment processor. This integration systematically syncs customer information so you can manage from one single system – saving you time and reducing the risk of data entry errors.

Comprehensive Reporting

Inform Your Business Decisions

Whether you’re looking to consolidate or grow your business, Clubware offers a range of standard and tailored reports to provide you with insights to achieve your goals and make informed business decisions.

Online Class Booking

Enable Customers to Self Serve

Members can manage their bookings directly on your website with our embedded booking capabilities. Real time updates ensure that your members can see the most up to date class information and you can see your most up to date enrollment numbers, directly from your website.

PT & Class Management

Simplify Class Administration

From aerobics to Zumba, our  PT & class management software makes administration of classes, resources, and attendance simple. Clubware enables you to monitor class enrollment levels, view centralised attendance history, and more.

Marketing & Communications

Engage with Your Members

Either individually or en masse, staying in touch with your members is easy with Clubware’s marketing and communication features. Our total member communication capabilities, allow you to send a newsletter, run a promotion, send a birthday SMS, or communicate with prospective customers with a few, intuitive clicks.

Point of Sale

Increase Retail Profitability

Clubware offers comprehensive retail management capabilities, including intuitive touch screen-compatible point of sale (POS) screens with integrations that make POS operations fast and easy. Inventory control is simple; automatically debit stock levels at POS and during stocktaking, establishing re-order levels for stock, and generating orders for suppliers at the touch of a button.

Integrations & Partnerships

Have Confidence in a Seamless Solution

Clubware has a number of trusted partners and integrations to provide you with a seamless technology experience to manage your business. From 24 Hour Access Control to give you security and profitability of your clubs, to API integrations of digital applications and platforms, Clubware is a comprehensive package for any size facility.

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